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Bahrain Sea Festival

An homage to Bahrain’s rich connection to the water, the Sea Festival is considered the largest event of its kind within the Kingdom. Held over the course of 10 days at Bahrain Bay, the festival celebrates Bahraini culture and helps preserve its past for future generations to cherish.

The festival is a homage to Bahrain’s rich connection to the sea and traditional activities relating to it. The festival also boasts an exciting display of authentic tools required for diving, photos, videos, as well as traditional fishing and diving equipment for visitors to get an insight and understand the means and measures taken in the days gone by to go fishing.

The festival, which was held over the course of 10 days, and held at Bahrain Bay, is a one of the many efforts by the BTEA to not only shed light on the activities that have formed the culture of Bahrain, but also to preserve its past for the future generations to learn about and cherish. Additionally, the festival also helps contribute to the Kingdom’s Economic Vision and helps to position Bahrain as a tourism-friendly country on a regional level. This enhances Bahrain’s GDP and keeps the country in-line with the national Economic Vision 2030, as stated by H.E. Zayed Al Zayani.